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What Are Overhangs?

What Are Overhangs?

What Are Overhangs?

Overhangs cause dental problems

When a restoration is too bulky in the area where the restoration meets the tooth, we call it an overhang. In contrast, with an ideal restoration, there is a seamless transition between it and the tooth. By treating overhangs, we can help you avoid many serious dental problems and help you keep your healthy smile.

Signs of overhangs

Common signs of overhangs are--

  • difficulty flossing
  • floss that catches or tears

Causes of overhangs

Overhangs can develop over time. Amalgam fillings may change from their original shape because they expand and contract with temperature changes and moisture in the mouth. Overhangs can also be caused by challenges and problems that occurred when a filling was placed.

Problems caused by overhangs

Overhangs can lead to serious problems. Because they trap food and bacteria and because they make it difficult or impossible to floss, overhangs are a source of tooth decay, which can lead to infection in the nerve of the tooth. Also they can be a source of gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss and loss of jawbone.

Treating overhangs

Whatever their origin, overhangs must be corrected to protect your tooth and gums. To correct an overhang, we'll begin with a thorough examination, which often includes x-rays.

When we find an overhang, usually we must remove the old restoration and replace it with a new, properly fitting one. There are several types of restorations, including fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns, and these can be fabricated from a variety of different dental materials. We'll talk with you about the best restoration for your situation.

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